Singles & Albums

Stonecraft single Secret Window artwork

Secret Window - December 2021

Stonecraft single Four Winds artwork

Four Winds - November 2021

Stonecraft album Seven Hunters artwork

Seven Hunters - 2016

Stonecraft album Behind the Door artwork

Behind the Door - 2013

Stonecraft album Moving Tides artwork

Moving Tides - 2010

Stonecraft album The Call artwork

The Call - 2008


Andy and Viil smiling whilst sitting on chairs and playing guitar and bouzouki

​ For over 15 years, musical duo, Stonecraft, has been captivating audiences with a combination of acoustic guitar melodies and traditional Celtic instruments and sounds. Stonecraft was created by Andy Morgan and Viil Hov Fjøse. Morgan is a Welshman and vocalist who plays the bouzouki, cittern, mandolin, and guitar. Together, the pair has recorded and released four critically acclaimed albums. Secret Window fits snugly into the tapestry of Stonecraft’s works over the years while reinforcing the band’s uniqueness within the British folk genre. Often described as spine-tingling, rhythmic, and enchanting, Stonecraft brings their audiences into a new world where they will become entrapped by the otherworldly instruments and blissful harmonies. The cover artwork for Secret Window was designed by the American artist and author Doug Cushman, who helps bring the song to life in his own way.

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